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About Us

We are a privately owned Canadian corporation established June 2000. Operating in the highly competitive Oil and Gas service industry of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, our dedication to superior processing, customer service and responsible business practices have taken us through many industry "down turns".

Our clients range from small start-ups to billion dollar international Oil and Gas companies, but regardless of their size, we believe that communication and collaboration will always bring forth the best and most trusted final products.


Combining an experienced technical team, industry leading software and hardware and a dedication to provide exceptional client service, we are able to create a low-risk environment for our clients to achieve their objectives. To further serve our client’s needs we offer correspondence in English, French, Spanish and Arabic.


Together, acquisition design, data processing, imaging, geophysical interpretation and data storage/archiving play important roles in discovering hydrocarbons.  Over the years, Signature Seismic has built a strong network with other oil and gas service providers and geophysical consultants allowing us to provide all the essential services that will ultimately lead up to profitable hydrocarbon drilling locations.  Such a network offers our clients the tools and technologies necessary to produce the best possible results and scenarios.

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