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Time Processing

Taking on the toughest land and marine seismic data sets


In the hands of our experienced technical team, our proprietary and industry leading software packages allow for thorough testing and quality control throughout every time processing project. Our belief that every step of the processing sequence is as important as the next ensures steady improvement of the data as we progress towards the final migrated products.

Standard time processing flow

  • Data formatting for use in ECHOS

  • Interactive 2D or 3D geometry building and quality control (QC)

  • First break picking on every shot and QC

  • Relocation of erroneous shots or receivers when needed

  • Determination of refraction statics for shots and receivers

  • Raw data trace editing (de-spiking, removal of dead or unusable traces)

  • Instrument and geophone phase compensation

  • Spherical divergence gain correction

  • Surface consistent trace equalization

  • Deconvolution: designed around project requirements (ie. AVO compliancy)

  • Noise attenuation as needed

  • Regional/ brute velocity analysis

  • Mute (open production mute)

  • Brute stack (with refraction statics)

  • Residual statics calculation and application (1st pass), stack and QC

  • Residual velocity analysis, stack and QC

  • Residual statics calculation and application (2nd pass), stack and QC

  • CDP trim statics, stack and QC

  • Preparation for Post and /or Pre-stack time migration

  • Migration testing and QC

  • Residual velocity analysis (PSTM)

  • CDP trim statics (PSTM)

  • Noise and/or multiple attenuation as needed


Common additional processes/ products

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