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The best results come from thinking outside the "blackbox"

Signature Seismic has a diverse software collection that enables us to investigate each data set to the fullest always delivering the best imaging results to our clients within the project's time constraints.  We ensure that our geophysicists have the technical background and training to produce seismic sections that are geologically sound, processed to our clients liking and treated without sacrificing the integrity of the data.  Some of our software packages are highlighted below.

Echos (time processing)
Echos is comprehensive 64 bit Linux 2D and 3D (Land and Marine) software package that offers interactive processing modules for ease of testing algorithm parameters and job flow. It's stable, fast, and versatile with both the interactive tools for accurate data analysis, and batch tools for efficient processing of large 2D and 3D data sets. Echos is recognized for its long-term stability and commitment in developing high quality processing with many QC attributes. Learn More 


GeoDepth combines the explorationist’s regional knowledge of subsurface geology with seismic imaging and velocity model tools to efficiently create an accurate earth model. Its advanced QC and visualization tools enhance the understanding of depth uncertainty. And with the efficiency of these tools, asset teams can dramatically increase their productivity. Learn More 

Techco Geophysical

Signature Seismic has utilized Techco Geophysical's software for many years with excellent results. As an integral part of our processing flow, we extensively test each of these programs to yield the best results. Click on the following links to understand more about MASTT, SDCON, VELANALSUMMIG 


FastVel® is an automatic procedure for the calculation of 2nd and/or 4th order residual moveouts used to flatten gathers. Based on the sophisticated and comprehensive Paradigm AVO technology, FastVel delivers enhanced imaging and AVO analysis accuracy. An add-on to Paradigm® GeoDepth® it can be used in a multi-attribute environment to analyze the HTI anisotropy components of the velocity field, and flatten wide-azimuth gathers in an azimuth-varying manner.  FastVel is also an add-on to the Echos® seismic processing system. Learn More

Seismic Tomography

Aspentech seismic tomography, part of the industry-leading GeoDepth® velocity modeling system, enables geophysicists to update the industry's largest velocity models - including velocity heterogeneity and anisotropy – efficiently and accurately. The unique set of input data provided by Paradigm seismic Imaging solutions (including full-azimuth image data), together with well information and a geologically constrained approach, delivers the most geologically plausible velocity model. Learn More

GMG Millenium
GMG's Millennium software sets the standard for 2D/3D geometry QC, first break picking, and refraction statics. Along with its first break batch-picking and editing, Millenium also offers a full 3D turning-ray tomography technique, which augments our delay time refraction solution, uses an inversion approach for creating a near-surface velocity model. Learn More

"Inquisitor" is a powerful solution that provides a fast and accurate way to decompose CDP gathers in to a sum of hyperbolae. This allows for operations such as surgical muting, FK-filtering, or deconvolution to be done interactively in the transform domain thus providing an effective way in removing hyperbolic events that are not considered primaries. When transformed back into the CDP domain, we are left with multiple free gathers. This software addition gives us a particular strong advantage for processing multiple contaminated structured data sets (without harming the structural integrity of the data) as well as marine data sets containing water bottom multiples.

Our "Seisbase" proprietary database allows our processors to have a wealth of information at their fingertips about every seismic line processed. Information such as seismic line acquisition parameters, geometry output values, processing parameters, client information, and project status are all promptly accessed by a push of a button and in a matter of seconds.


"SeisPlanet" allows our processors and clients alike to view their seismic projects in Google Earth. By converting database information to Google Earth KML files, crucial information for each project and each line can be displayed as well as the final processed image of the seismic line can be viewed with a simple click of a button.


SeisWare International is driven to be a leader in the E&P software market. Focusing our efforts on developing an effective and customer centric interpretation software. Realizing the importance of managing data between disciplines, SeisWare International has partnered with complimentary industry standard software and data vendors.

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