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While we offer a range of services, our primary focus is seismic data imaging. We are able to ensure optimal results by combining worldwide experience, thorough testing, tailored work flows and client input. From exploring new and challenging frontiers to resurrecting old vintage data sets we are sure to impress.


Time Processing

All 2D and 3D project work flows are tailored to meet our client's needs. Currently, our most common specialized work flows incorporate AVO compliancy, 5D interpolation, post-PSTM enhancements and/or  3D merging.

Multi-dataset 3D Merging

Merging data from multiple 3D surveys allows clients to cohesively extend their subsurface coverage to much larger volumes without additional acquisition costs. 

Depth Processing

With the interpreter's input, additional velocity modelling, depth imaging or depth migration can further improve understanding of the subsurface, particularly in complex geological environments.  Once we have reached the limitations of time processing, depth domain imaging and modelling address those limitations, giving clients more confidence in making costly drilling decisions.  

Interpretation and Data Management

There are a variety of options available to our clients, which include interpretation work stations, geophysical consultants and data management services.

Geophysical Archiving​

Signature Seismic Processing provides sound solutions to data archiving/storage and data re-mastering; a service that is provided in a trusted environment.

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